High Parking Comfort

The SQUAREPARKER is the fully automated solution for parking cars on up to 4 levels in rows one after another. The vehicles will be re-sorted with a puzzle-principle-based system. As you don’t need any ramps or drive lanes, our automatic parking system exploits the available room at the best. An added bonus, the SQUAREPARKER is also eco-friendly thanks to its compact and accurately planned construction.

The Nussbaum and AutoPod Squareparker, a capacity solution.

Squareparker Max



  • It doesn’t need any ramps or drive lanes
  • Less room required compared a normal parking garage
  • Individual project adaptation (possibility to drive around building pillars)
  • Safety from vandalism and theft
  • High ease-of-use: Several operation variants available (radio remote control, RFID, smart phone, etc.)


  • Transfer area: closed cabin with car measurement and car position control in which you can drive and park the vehicle into the system,
  • Vertical shuttle for transporting the cars onto the parking level(s). Available as “scissors” or “4-columns” construction
  • Parking pallets with drainage system for the storage of the vehicles on the parking level(s)
  • Conveyor on the parking levels for sliding the palletts in X (longitudinal) and Y (transversal) direction (XY)
  • Optionally available with turntable in the transfer area or on the parking level