Fully-Automated Underground Parking System

The AutoPod SMART PARKER MAX allows for fully automated parking of vehicles – underground – on several parking levels. On the ground floor the vehicles are positioned on palettes in the transfer station and get automatically transported to the underground parking levels by a vertical shuttle lift.

The system supporting structure can be made of steel or concrete. The arrangement of the palettes can be realized in different ways according to the local conditions, also with several transfer stations. The integrated turn table turns the vehicles in the right exit position and allows for faster access times.

AutoPod Smart Parker

Smart Parker Max



  • Flexible for different project enquiries thanks to different system versions (lengthwise platform, cross platform, combination of lengthwise and cross platforms)
  • Space saving parking
  • Custom made construction: adaptation of the SMART PARKER MAX to the local conditions
  • Without the needs of ramps or drive lanes
  • Comfortable use and operation
  • Protection against vandlism and theft
  • Integration of a turntable (no need of lavourious manoeuvres)
  • No more time consuming search for parking space
  • Several parking levels realizable


  • Transfer station for entrance and exit of vehicles
  • Lifting system (vertical shuttle lift) to transport the vehicles to the parking level(s)
  • Palettes system
  • Steel construction to support the palette system or concrete insert ceiling
  • Drive and control technology


  • Touch screen display (Standard)
  • Radio remote controls (Option)
  • Smartphone (Option)
  • Chip cards
  • further versions upon request

System Variants

  • SMART PARKER MAX-X (Lengthwise conveyor)
  • SMART PARKER MAX-Y (Cross conveyor)
  • SMART PARKER MAX-XY (Lengthwise and cross conveyor)