Parking On Several Levels

The AutoPod PARK TOWER MULTI is the ideal solution for public parking on several levels. Further floors can be built underground if requested. The City Parktower is a fully automatic system with the latest access and paying systems as well as telematic equipment. It is designed for all climatic conditions and adapted for public use.

The AutoPod park tower multi.

Parking Into The System

The user drives in front of the door. On the left side a ticket machine is placed. By pushing a button the user asks for a parking ticket. The system checks the availability. If no empty space exists, the ticket machine shows the message “parking complete”. If this is not the case, the user will get a ticket.
The shuttle drives an empty pallet to the ground floor and the double winged door opens. The user drives the car on the pallet, leaves the car locked and goes through a door in a separate customer area. The costumer area has an exit door.

Vehicle Retrieval

The user comes back to the costumer area. A cash machine for the parking is located inside. The user places the ticket into the cash machine and pays for the parking time. After payment the lift transports the vehicle with the pallet to the ground floor, this is fully automatically. The user collects the car and drives out through another double winged door. The outside barrier opens after the user gives the ticket in an exit cabinet.