Custom Built For Exact Needs

The AutoPod CLASSIC CAR PARKER is a parking system featuring a flexible and modular construction, whose single segments can be individually configured according to your specific needs. Also the color combination is completely customizable.

Our CLASSIC CAR PARKER on 2, 3 or 4 leves is an independent parking system without pit. The flat platforms are covered by aluminium bulb plates and are nearly flush with the floor for a comfortable drive-on into the system.

The steel structure and the glazing of the CLASSIC CAR PARKER, as well as its glass sliding doors surround and enclose around the parking system without hiding the cars inside, thus making it the perfect semi-automatic car display system.

The AutoPod classic car parker.

Reliable Technology

By lifting and lowering, the lifting platforms of the CLASSIC CAR PARKER allow to store and move the cars into the upper levels. The lower entrance level features sliding platforms and an empty space, in order to allow for platforms movement and for retrieving the desired vehicle.

Additionally to the touch screen, it is possible to operate the system either manually by “hold-to-run control” or semi-automatically by chip card.

Reliable Quality

Our CLASSIC CAR PARKER is equipped as standard with corrosion protection C3-Line.