Unique Customer Experience

The MINI TOWER is the right solution to expand your showroom easily. The vehicles can be parked and displayed on up to 5 levels. A major highlight for your customers is the direct delivery of the car by this presentation system and creates a very unique handover experience when collecting their new vehicle from you. The MINI TOWER is available in 2 versions: 2PPL (2 vehicles per level) and 3PPL (3 vehicles per level).

03_Carvana Nash.

Small Yet Mighty

The MINI TOWER is the complementary smaller concept of the CAR DISPLAY TOWER.  It also represents an obvious smaller investment compared to the bigger structure but contains all the same space saving advantages of its big brother. The Mini Tower is actually a stand alone construction but fits neatly onto your own existing showroom,  creating an entirely new Landmark that will leave your customers astounded when they  arrive collect their new vehicles.

Practical & Safe

On only a surface of only 51m², the MINI TOWER 3PPL can safely store and display up to 14 vehicles.

Create A New Landmark

Day or night the MINI TOWER attracts big attention from traffic and is therefore is a very impressive advertising medium. Turn the lights on a night and your tower can be seen for miles around standing head and shoulders above the competition.