Cycle Station Concept pics

The CYCLESTATION is a fully automatic parking garage for bicycles and electric bicycles. The building occupies a surface of only approx. 55m² and has a height of approx. 10,35m on 5 storage levels. It’s possible to park up to 120 bikes inside, protecting them from vandalism, theft and bad weather.

Cyclestation – How does it work?

Parking a cycle

The Green and red LED lights positioned on each gate signal which parking space behind which gate is free. The user just simply needs to open one of the free gates by putting the chip card near to the card reader. Now the cycle can be slid backwards into the box; a hinged clamp secures the back wheel against unintentional rolling out. On the box sidewall there‘s also a hook to hang up a helmet or bag.

After parking the cycle the user can close the gate by holding the chip card near to the reader until the gate is completely locked.

Retrieving a cycle

The user can log in on one of the two screens of the system. The system will then display the box where the bike has been parked. The screen will indicate the gate where the bike is and in the meantime the transport pallet with the cycle will be retrieved from the storage shelf and carried to the ground floor. The gate opens as soon as the cycle has reached the retrieval position.

Now the user can take the cycle and close the gate by holding the chip card near to the reader until the gate is completely locked.

Simultaneous parking of several cycles

If there are enough free boxes many users can park their cycles at the same time. The CYCLESTATION is therefore particularly suitable for train stations, public spaces and for every situation in which several people must access or park their cycles simultaneously.

Cycle Station Concept pics 2

Technical Specifications

– surface: approx. 7,40m x 7,40m
– height: approx. 10,35m
– gross surface area: approx. 55m²
– pit: approx. 0,85m
– foundation: project-specific
– clear height of the transfer area: approx.2,30m

Storing capability:
– storage levels: 5 (not accessible)
– capacity: 120 bicycles
– 2 boxes per storage level
– 12 bicycles per box
– allowed weight per parking space:max. 30 kg

Allowed bike dimensions:
– total length: 2,00m
– max. height: 1,15m
– maximum height: 1,15m
– width at the handlebar: 0,75m
– hook for the helmet or bag

Cycle Station Concept pics 3

Its advantages at a glance:

– high parking volume on minor surface area
– secure weather protected parking spaces for bikes
– fast access to several parking spaces simultaneously
– indication of a bike-friendly infrastructure
– facade can be used as an advertising space