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AutoPod is an innovative company with bespoke solutions for the automotive and parking industries, relating to all capacity issues:

Created with unique synergy, containing years of experience in the automotive sector partnered with Nussbaum Technologies and Nussbaum Parking and their engineering excellence, we present AutoPod. Together, securing an exclusive agreement to jointly develop bespoke parking systems and vehicle display towers with the leading German manufacturer and introduce these to UK and Europe with unique synergy, AutoPod is a one-stop-shop for the motor industry and private sector, providing comprehensive professional services, including: capacity and space requirement.

With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, the team at AutoPod can deliver capacity solutions you require in an innovative, completely competitive and viable manner.

AutoPod Products

At AutoPod we have several solutions for saving space whether that's for commercial or private use. There are some amazing options for the home to keep your prized possessions stored and secure and a variety of parking solutions for Hotels, Stores or businesses with challenges with customer parking. Below is an example, in action, of a combination of these issues in one solution commissioned for Hodgson Motor Group. 

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